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Truth Behind The Blue Light Skin Damage

We all love to keep our skin healthy, and the sun can be a huge bummer that can easily damage our skin. The UV light emitted by the sun can be seriously harmful to our skin, and sometimes it could bring serious injuries. There are recent discussions about the blue light produced by electronic items, may damage your skin. What is the truth behind the blue light skin damage? Let’s find out the truth behind the bluelight that’s been emitted by our mobile phones and computers.

What is the blue light effect?

Ultraviolet light is the most known kind of rays that can damage our skin. It includes UVB and UVA rays. We are unable to see them to our naked eye, yet it can be harmful to our eyes, skin, and perhaps cause skin cancers. We have solutions such as, suncream and sunglasses to stay away from the UV light that is emitted by the sun.

Recently studies have shown that being exposed to blue light emitted by electronic devices that can result in wrinkles and dark spots that are mostly known as skin aging. As we all live in the 21st century, where we spend most of the hours in front of screens, we must be aware of the blue light effect and how it affects our skin.

We are referring to the blue light that we can see to our eyes, which is mostly generated by screens. (It may be included in LED lights) Scientists suggest that overexposing our skin to the blue light may increase the chance of skin damage. The results of the studies did not bring out black or write results. But we live in a world where we get to use screens everywhere. Most of us spend over 10 hours in front of monitors and screens that emit blue light. It is always better to be aware of such risks that we may be getting involved in on a daily basis.

Truth Behind the blue light skin damage

Does blue light skin damage have any risks?

This is exactly what scientists and researchers are trying to figure out at this moment. There have been many experiments done in laboratories that involve blue light skin damage. They can only say that blue light may have certain effects on our skin under specific conditions, and it may result in producing free radicals, skin tone changes, and reduce the sensitivity of the skin. We need to bear in mind that these tests were performed under laboratory backgrounds and a tiny bit of skin cells probably on a plate. There have been no official notices that blue light skin damage is serious and we should avoid it. Also, when it is compared to the sun rays, electronic displays may not be that strong to affect our skin.

What are the other side effects of blue light?

Even though blue light skin damage is in a very minimal range, there are many side effects that can may cause due to the blue light.

Change of sleep pattern

Spending an extended period of time in front of screens can be linked to disruption of sleep. Most people who spend hours with screens during late nights claim that they are having issues while falling asleep.

Makes you look older

Spending hours, days, months, and years may lead yourself to look older than you should be due to the blue light.

Natural rhythm may change

Changes in natural rhythm may be caused by blue light. Spending hours at a screen that is very bright will let your brain think that we are spending time on a very sunny evening. This may cause changes in the natural rhythm of our lifestyles.

Can affect your brain memory

Being exposed to the blue light affects your brain performance and may reduce the capacity of brain memory.

Find out more information about how the blue light affect your brain and the overall life style more here.

How to protect yourself from blue light damage?

If you are someone who spends most of the time of a day in front of a screen, you might want to consider the options that are available to stay on the safe side from the blue light that is emitted by the devices. We have a list of choices that you can make to reduce the blue light exposure.

Reduce the time spending with screens

The best way to reduce the blue light skin damage and other side effects is by reducing the time you spend with screens. It can be nearly impossible for most of us. Yet it’s the best thing to do for the betterment of ourselves.

Use Blue Light Filters

You can also use a blue light filter for your screen. There are external blue light filters you can add to your monitors, mobile devices, and certain software and apps that can install in your device. Also, there are mobile screen protectors that block the blue light in phones. Using these tools may reduce the blue light skin damage and resume your brain activities back to normal.

Screen Size matters

Using a smaller size screen during your daily activities can also do less damage to your skin instead of using a larger screen.

Dim the screen

Keeping the screen brightness in a low range will also help you to reduce the exposure of blue light. Reducing the brightness of the background light will allow you to reduce the brightness of the screen further.

Apply Vitamin C

Any skin-care product that includes Vitamin C or Iron oxidate to act against oxidative stress that can be used as a blue light skin protector.

Antioxidants may help

Antioxidants have the ability to support our skin healing process. Including food that is rich in antioxidants like green tea, blueberries, kidney beans, blackberries, turmeric, and cinnamon may help you to recover the damage that can be caused by blue light.


Spending hours on anything more than we suppose to will cause trouble. So it is always better to reduce the hours that we spend in front of screens in order to stay away from the blue light. Even though scientists claim that blue light skin damage is not that serious, it’s proven that it can cause some changes in our regular life and the skin. The long term effects are yet to be revealed, and we must be the first generation to be exposed to the screen blue light for this long. Trying to stay on the safe side while taking precautions such as blue light filters and modern software/applications will help you to reduce the blue light skin damage and other side effects in the long term.

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