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Welcome to Jane Jackson’s blog! This blog launched to share good habits and knowledge, which I find useful to you and anyone who visits my website. I have considered by many friends ‘good habit therapist’ during the college days. As we all had to move away after university, many of them requested me to create a platform that they can read and learn about useful lifestyle tips and hacks.

So I created this website to bring you reliable knowledge about healthy activities, food habits, lifestyle tips, information about nutrition, and positivity, which helps with health and wellness.

Speaking of myself a little bit, I am a swimmer and a personal trainer and also an occasional party pooper. I used to work at an audit firm and did not take long to realize that’s not a job for my personality. So here I am, sharing useful wellbeing tips to you all.

First and foremost, thanks for following my blog. My boyfriend and I currently live in New Zealand, and we travel across the country occasionally.

I have done my higher studies in Business Management, but I kept researching and learning about health and wellbeing because that is what I am passionate about. Currently, I am reading a bachelor’s degree in nutrition and dietetics and expecting to follow a master’s degree after completion.

I love to see myself figuring out what our body exactly needs to become the better version of themselves and share it with my family and friends. In this case, now I’m starting to love sharing them with you too.

Besides, I love cooking and reading. I love to make something fancy every weekend and serve them to my friends. I have another goal to create a blog about the food recipes which I have sorted out with the time.

You may be wondering that perhaps I might be just a regular researcher, but sometimes I enjoy going to parties and let myself lose a little bit as it brings me joy once in a while. I make sure not to overdo it because we all should care about our health the most.

My goal is to create a comfortable platform for everyone to share and learn beneficial things to our health which can bring us amazing results in order to live a happy and healthy life. You’ll see better and safe ways to improve your health including, the immune system, richness of the skin, good habits which anyone can include in their daily routines and types of food which can bring yourself benefits in many ways. I usually prefer having a plant-based diet, and I eat animal-based products once in a while. So you will see more plant-based information and less animal-based products and information here.

As we all know, regular exercises are also essential to keep ourselves healthy. You will be able to see daily exercise tips, workout tips, and supplements often through my blog. I will try my best to post articles which can be followed by kids, male and female without any issue.