8 Liquid Biotin Facts That Will Deflate All the Myths

Many of you have seen many advertisements about how biotin can help your hair and nail growth. Have you ever wondered what really liquid biotin is and how effective is it to our body?

Liquid Biotin is a family member of Vitamin B, and it’s usually called Vitamin B7. It became very popular among the fashion and beauty industry because of the benefits it can bring on the hair and nails.

Does biotin really work?

Biotin is one of the essential vitamins we need in our body for daily activities. We mainly consume biotin with the regular food we eat, such as oats, egg yolk, wheat grams, mushrooms, and meat.

Yes! Biotin helps our bodies in many ways. It can strengthen hair and nails while controlling the hair fall, Improves skin health while supporting the cell repairment process, supports the metabolism, and, most importantly, it helps us reduce cholesterol and blood sugar.

So including biotin in our regular meals is essential and can bring you many health benefits.

What is liquid biotin?

Biotin generally comes in liquid form instead of pills because it can be easy to use on your hair and also consume as a dietary supplement simply by keeping a few drops underneath the tongue. It will be more effective when consuming as a liquid.

If you are looking for organic liquid biotin, it would be hard to find a completely organic liquid biotin. But you will be able to find organic liquid biotin, which includes natural ingredients such as cold-pressed coconut oil, vegetables with the GMO verification.

You can learn more about why people choose liquid multivitamins over pills here.

How to pick the best liquid biotin?

If you are losing hair or brittle nails or getting skin related rashes regularly, this could happen if you are facing biotin deficiency. Using a biotin supplement in such moments will be very beneficial to your hair, skin, and basically to the overall health.

The internet is a great place to look for liquid biotin supplements. And also, there are many liquid biotin available in the market. You can find many liquid biotin products by surfing through the internet or by consulting your beautician. Most of the products come as multivitamins, oil, and also as biotin only supplements.

Liquid Biotin Facts

Let’s hear the facts about Liquid Biotin


Using liquid biotin can be highly beneficial if you are having biotin deficiency. If you are having regular skin rashes, dry skin, or eyes and hair loss, you might be having an abiotic deficiency.


You need to know that many brands are promoting the perks of biotin. But nobody can guarantee the results of them as it can depend on person to person. So the best biotin may work perfectly on you but not on your friend.


Many liquid biotin reviews show various sorts of side effects such as bad acne and itching and rashes. So double-check with your products with existing users before purchasing them. If you have sensitive skin, it’s best to request a recommendation from an experienced liquid biotin user. Sometimes it can cause stomach discomfort such as nausea, cramping, or diarrhea as well.


Using the liquid biotin for at least a month consistently will be helpful to see good results. So it’s best not to miss out and maintain consistency.


Liquid biotin supplements can be highly effective if you are taking them orally.


Most liquid biotin reviews provide positive results on hair growth, but there is very little feedback on how effective they are on nail growth.


You will be able to see many liquid biotin reviews on many social media platforms like Youtube via many liquid biotin users.


One last point when reading organic liquid biotin reviews is the list of chemicals used in the production of the liquid biotin supplement. You want to see that the producers didn’t just use chemicals that were listed as safe by the FDA. Sometimes there are non-biodegradable chemicals included in the supplement that can be toxic.

Best Liquid Biotin

Biotin Hair Serum – Advanced Formula

Best Biotin Liquid Oil

One of the best liquid biotin which has been made with the combination of biotin, Pisum Sativum Pea Sprout Extract and Pro-Vitamin B5. This perfect combination will encourage in bringing out more fuller, thicker, and stronger looking hair.

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KAL Ultra Biotin – 10,000 MCG

Best Biotin Liquid - KAL Ultra Biotin

This would be one of the best options you can consider if you like to gain the overall health benefits of biotin. It comes with a natural berry flavor as it can be used as a general supplement or apply on the hair or skin. This product is formulated to support a full, vibrant hair, strong nails, and healthy skin.

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ESSY Naturals – Hair Growth Oil

Best Biotin Liquid - ESSY Naturals

ESSY Naturals brings you a powerful multivitamin hair oil that includes Biotin, Castor Oil, Caffeine, and Rosemary Oil. This product can benefit your hair in many ways because it contains proteins, vitamin E, antibacterial and antifungal properties, which can promote healthier and stronger hair.

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Genius Stem – Biotin Hair Growth Oil

Best Biotin Liquid - Genius Stem Biotin Hair Growth Oil

Genius Stem features one of its own kind biotin hair oil that includes Biotin Vitamin B7. This will promote strengthening hair roots while growing thicker and healthier hair while bringing you many more benefits of the other active nutrients.

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Life-flo Biotin Drops

best biotin liquid Life-flo Biotin Drops

Life-flo has created a scientifically formulated liquid biotin with a fast absorption that includes effective biotin with Vitamin D. You can use this biotin supplementation to support healthier and stronger hair. This is a 100% vegan product, and you can use it orally or as a dietary supplement, and it comes with a natural vanilla flavor.

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Honey Combs – Biotin Vitamin B-7

Best Honey Combs - Biotin Vitamin B-7

Honey Combs has generated potent biotin vitamin B-7 supplements to fulfill the desires of a stronger and healthier hair and skin while increasing the overall health of nerves, nails, and cells. The unique ingredients of vitamin B-7 come from cold-press coconut and vegetable extracts, which adds extra value to the product.

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Using the right liquid biotin when your body needs, it will be very beneficial to yourself in many ways. You should never purchase liquid biotin products in a hurry. Make sure that you understand the ingredients before you try the supplement. If you read organic liquid biotin reviews carefully, you will see that a lot of the reviews talk about the quality, purity of the product. They can be very helpful and have a proper idea of the product before purchasing it. Even though it’s hard to find an all organic liquid bionic product, it’s always better to choose one which contains natural ingredients.

If you are confuced about the hairfall, check the video down below to know more information about hair loss and more information to have a healthy and strong hair.

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