benefits of organic fiber food and organic fiber supplements

Organic Fiber Food that bring Incredible Health Benefits! And Other Alternatives to Consume Organic Fiber.

Foods that are rich in fiber are essential in our regular diet. Yet, people don’t pay much attention to adding food rich in fiber in their diet plans. Generally, it is recommended to have 30 grams of fiber every day to keep our immunity strong and stay aware of any illnesses. Even though most people are not aware of the benefits of fiber, it can help our body to regulate the cholesterol level, blood sugar level, and regulate bowel health.

Sometimes doctors recommend organic fiber supplements to those who find it hard to include fiber related food in their food and for those who have health conditions such as IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome).

There are 2 types of organic fibers. They are soluble fiber and insoluble fiber. Both of these compounds have different types of benefits. Soluble fiber tends to break easily and dissolve with water, while insoluble fiber tends not to break and moves along through the GI tract. A person who does not add fiber in regular food, adding an organic fiber powder into the daily diet, will bring many health benefits.

Food That are Rich in Fiber

Best organic fiber foods


Most fruits include fiber. Ex. Mangoes, Strawberries, Avocados, Raspberries, Bananas, Oranges, Pears and Apples


Darker color vegetables are known to be rich in fiber. Ex. Beets, Broccoli, Green Peas, Tomatoes, Brussels, Potatoes and Carrots

Grains, Beans, and Nuts

Brown Rice and Red rice is rich in fiber. Also cracked wheat, dark rye, Barley, Oat, Black Beans, Lima Beans, and pumpernickel include fiber.

Usually, nuts are also filled with fiber. Ex. Pistachio Nuts, Baked Beans, Cashew, Sunflower Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, and Almonds.

Consuming these foods that are rich in fibers is the best option available to get these health benefits. Fiber food can help you have an active and healthy digestive system while increasing the safety of the heart.

Health Benefits of adding organic fiber-rich food

Lower Cholesterol

Consuming soluble fiber with our food will avoid cholesterol from being broken and getting into our blood vessels. You will find the cholesterol level on your blood has reduced if you regularly use a soluble fiber supplement or a soluble fiber diet plan.

Supports weight management

The thick gel that contains soluble fiber will work as a shield on fat and avoid being broken in the digestive system. It will help you avoid adding extra fat on your body. Soluble fiber will take up certain space in the stomach and will feel full for an extended time. It will also help weight management for those who are maintaining and losing weight.

Blood Sugar level management

Just as the way the thick get works on fat, it will prevent breaking down certain nutrition such as carbohydrates. Having organic fiber, along with your food, will avoid having a spike of your blood sugar level when having a meal.

Supports a healthy heart

As an overall, soluble fiber will reduce many heart risks and will be helpful to have a healthy heart. Also, it reduces the risk of certain diseases such as cardiovascular disease.

Supports the Gastrointestinal tract

Insoluble fiber compounds will stay in the food we consume for a longer period and will support the gastrointestinal tract to increase the absorption and speed up the processing of waste. This will help reduce bowel movements.

What if we can’t find organic fiber-rich food every day?

This is a very common problem that people who are having busy lifestyles face on a daily basis. Including less organic fiber food in daily diets will result in having an improper digestive system and also may lead to serious health risks. So it is best to include organic fiber in regular food through a supplement or other healthy method.

Best Organic Fiber Supplements

It’s Just – Psyllium Husk Powder

For those who are looking for a perfect balance of soluble fiber and insoluble fiber, It’s Just has provided the best organic fiber supplements to those who seek. This supplement is created with organic hand-selected psyllium husks, and it includes 70% of soluble and 30% of insoluble fiber. While supporting the cholesterol and blood sugar level maintenance, this will support the regularity of the digestive system. This is also a vegan product that can be used by anyone who has food restrictions. Find more details at Amazon.

It's Just - Psyllium Husk Powder - Oranic fiber powder

NOW Supplements, Psyllium Husk Powder

Now is probably the most known name for quality supplements. As usual, they have created one of the best organic fiber supplements that include soluble fiber, which is made out of Psyllium Husk. This organic fiber powder will support your digestive system and lower the cholesterol level over time. Find more details at Amazon.

NOW Supplements, Psyllium Husk Powder - Organic fiber supplement

Garden of Life Raw Organic Superfood Fiber

Garden of Life holds a reputed name for its vegan products. They have created an organic fiber powder that is a unique blend of RAW organic fiber with soluble and insoluble. This also comes with Omega 3 fatty acid to support the overall health along with the digestive system healthy without creating any loose stools. You can find more details at Amazon about the Garden of Life organic fiber powder.

NOW Supplements, Psyllium Husk Powder - Organic fiber supplement

Herbal Secrets – Organic Psyllium Husk

For anyone who has cholesterol, adding a fiber supplement to the regular diet will help maintain it if they are not adding any fiber-rich food daily. The organic fiber powder that is created by Herbal Secrets will provide all the daily fiber needs while supporting you to reduce the LDL cholesterol and lowering the blood pressure. This is also a 100% vegan product that can be used by anyone. You can find more details about this product at Amazon.

Herbal Secrets - Organic Psyllium Husk - Organic Fiber Supplement

Heather’s Tummy Fiber Organic Acacia Senegal

Heather’s organic fiber powder will help to take back control with diarrhea while slowing the stool. This unique blend is made from trees in Africa and has shown impressive results with the people who have diarrhea. This is also a completely organic product that doesn’t have a unique taste which makes it ideal to mix it with any food that you make. This organic fiber supplement also remarks on a low-calorie level. You can find more details about this great product at Amazon.

Heather's Tummy Fiber Organic Acacia Senegal - Organic Fiber Powder


Most of the fiber supplements come as organic. Yet it is better to cross-check whether your product choice has any artificial ingredients. In such a pure product that is one of the least things, you would want to be in. The best advice is to include food that is rich in fiber in the regular diet plan to receive all the benefits of soluble fiber and insoluble fiber. But if you are finding it hard to add them with your busy schedule, you can choose an organic fiber powder to mix with the daily food routines. Unlike other supplements, you will start feeling the difference within just a few days. Having organic fiber supplements in the long term will result in a maintained blood sugar level and a cholesterol level while increasing the healthy heart.

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